Lync Server 2010 CU3 Database Update Explained

by Jamie Schwinn on September 6, 2011

If you didn’t catch it, there is an important note in the KB Article attached to the Lync Server 2010 Knowledge Base article, KB2493736 regarding a SQL database update that must be performed in addition to the installation of the CU3 software patch. To install the SQL update, the KB article states the following under installation Method 1:

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Lync 2010 Phone Edition Updates Released

by Jamie Schwinn on July 27, 2011

Microsoft just released CU3 Updates for Lync 2010 Phone Edition

Lync 2010 Phone Edition Updates

Lync 2010 Phone Edition (Tanjay) KB2577593 Download 7577.296 7/26/2011
Lync 2010 Phone Edition (Aries Aastra) KB2577595 Download 7577.296 7/26/2011
Lync 2010 Phone Edition (Aries Polycom) KB2577594 Download 7577.296 7/26/2011


See Lync 2010 Updates for a full listing of Lync patches.


Lync 2010 Updates CU3 July 2011 Updates Released

by Jamie Schwinn on July 26, 2011

Lync 2010 Cumulative Updates CU3 July 2011

Microsoft has released new Lync 2010 updates for July 2011:

Server Updates

Lync Server 2010 KB2493736 Download 7577.166 7/25/2011
Lync 2010 Group Chat Server KB2571550 Download 7577.314 7/25/2011


Client Updates

Lync 2010 (32 bit) KB2571543 Download 7577.314 7/25/2011
Lync 2010 (64 bit) KB2571543 Download 7577.314 7/25/2011


See the Lync 2010 Updates page for a full listing of all Lync patches.

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Xync – New Mobile Client Coming Soon

by Jamie Schwinn on June 23, 2011

A new Android and iOS mobile client for OCS and Lync was recently announced. Looks to be fairly full featured. Tom Kinser at the has a write up on his experience with it.

Introducing, Xync from Damaka.

What is Xync?

Xync is a cross platform mobile extension to Microsoft® Lync™ and OCS R2. Using Xync, corporate business processes implemented via Lync and OCS can now be extended to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Enjoy the convenience of the mobility while taking work to anywhere.
Increase the productivity of corporate workforce on the go.

Xync has been designed for mobile workforce with intuitive uniform touch interface across all platforms while taking advantage of the available mobile device resources.

The best part of the Xync solution is its ease of implementation.

Worried about security with mobile devices? Xync uses the established protocols to interact with Lync. Contact us to try Xync for your enterprise and see for yourself how it can improve efficiency in your organization.


Microsoft® RoundTable™ June 2011 Firmware 

Version: 6362.207

Date Published: 6/15/2011


KB Article 2559123

Microsoft® RoundTable™ Management Tool

Microsoft® RoundTable™ Deployment Guide

Issues that the hotfix package fixes

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Beware of Lync Common Area Phone Hotdesking

by Jamie Schwinn on June 13, 2011

***  This issue has been fixed in CU5  ***

I was recently working with a customer who had just deployed a number of Polycom CX600′s as Lync 2010 Common Area Phones across several branch offices in conference rooms and lobbies. The initial deployment went smoothly and the Common Area Phones were working as expected.

The next Monday morning, I received a call from the customer saying that all of the Common Area Phones were offline, showing the message “Signing in… Cannot sign in. There may be a problem with the server or with your network connection. Please check your network connection. Retrying.”

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