Restore Lync ABS Default Configuration

by Jamie Schwinn on February 11, 2011

Update as of October 11th, 2011: Microsoft has made a fix available through PSS. See KB2578808

UPDATE!!! I just discovered as issue with my original SQL script to restore the default Lync ABS configuration. Thanks to this blog article for pointing out the issue and the correct way to restore the default ABS config. I have updated this article to reflect the correct procedure. If you are having issues with contact photos, please run the SQL script described below.

I was recently working on a Lync Address Book configuration with the ABSConfig.exe tool from the Lync Resource Kit Tools. I was unfortunate enough to use the “Restore defaults” button. It seems that Microsoft released this tool a little prematurely and forgot to update the code associated with this button. The button restores the default configuration for OCS and not Lync which breaks the Lync Address Book. I found out about this issue from a comment by Rob Young on the DrRez blog.

Microsoft has indicated that they are aware of the issue and a fix is forthcoming, but I did not have the luxury of waiting for the fix. The following SQL script will reset the Lync ABS settings back to Lync RTM default. Hopefully this will help someone else out of a jam if they find themselves in the same position.

Run this on the CMS database.

use rtc
exec dbo.RtcDeleteAbAttributes
exec dbo.RtcAddAbAttribute 1, N'givenName', 0x01400000
exec dbo.RtcAddAbAttribute 2, N'sn', 0x02400000
exec dbo.RtcAddAbAttribute 3, N'displayName', 0x03420000
exec dbo.RtcAddAbAttribute 4, N'title', 0x04000000
exec dbo.RtcAddAbAttribute 5, N'mailNickname', 0x05400000
exec dbo.RtcAddAbAttribute 6, N'company', 0x06000000
exec dbo.RtcAddAbAttribute 7, N'physicalDeliveryOfficeName', 0x07000000
exec dbo.RtcAddAbAttribute 8, N'msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress', 0x08520C00
exec dbo.RtcAddAbAttribute 9, N'telephoneNumber', 0x09622800
exec dbo.RtcAddAbAttribute 10, N'homePhone', 0x0A302800
exec dbo.RtcAddAbAttribute 11, N'mobile', 0x0B622800
exec dbo.RtcAddAbAttribute 12, N'otherTelephone', 0x0C302000
exec dbo.RtcAddAbAttribute 13, N'ipPhone', 0x0D302000
exec dbo.RtcAddAbAttribute 14, N'mail', 0x0E500000
exec dbo.RtcAddAbAttribute 15, N'groupType', 0x0F010800
exec dbo.RtcAddAbAttribute 16, N'Department', 0x10000000
exec dbo.RtcAddAbAttribute 17, N'Description', 0x11000100
exec dbo.RtcAddAbAttribute 18, N'manager', 0x12040001
exec dbo.RtcAddAbAttribute 19, N'proxyAddresses', 0x00500105
exec dbo.RtcAddAbAttribute 20, N'msExchHideFromAddressLists', 0xFF000003

After running the SQL script, delete the ABS files in the pool File Share.

Run the Update-CsUserDatabase cmdlet and wait for event IDs 30024, 30027, and 30028.

Run Update-CsAddressBook cmdlet and wait for event ID 62020.

Your Lync Address Book should be back to default and contact photos should work again. You might have to manually delete the client address book files, restart the client, and wait for the new address book to download to see the results.

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Jed February 15, 2011 at 3:48 am

I’ve just hit this same issue with a Lync SE install and I ran through the SQL script above but it didn’t seem to fix the address book. After a little investigation I determined my issue and it came down to understanding the databases used. As there is an RTC (BE master) and RTCLOCAL (FE replica) database, I initially ran the script against RTCLOCAL mistakenly which is the replica database and not the master database. Once I reran the script on the master database and then updated the address book all was fixed.

The symptons of the broken database was search was broken. I also couldn’t get ABSCONFIG to allow me to show up any other AD variables properly so I suspect ABSCONFIG is completely broken, not just the defaults reset.

Great work for fixing this one Jamie!


B4z March 24, 2011 at 8:09 am

and thank you for posting the SQL query, it certainly resolved the issues I was having when searching for SIP enabled users in the Lync 2010 client. Even after running this query, corporate photographs of Lync users were failing to display in clients. I logged a call with Microsoft PSS regarding this and they provided me with an additional SQL query which resolved the syncing of corporate photographs to clients.

I have documented the Microsoft provided SQL Query on my blog at

Hopefully this helps someone else.

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