Installing OCS 2007 R2 Prerequisites on Windows Server 2008

by Jamie Schwinn on June 2, 2009

I recently compiled a single command to install the necessary prerequisites for OCS 2007 R2 Front End on Windows Server 2008.

Servermanagercmd.exe -install web-windows-auth web-mgmt-compat web-mgmt-console web-http-logging msmq-server msmq-directory rsat-addc powershell was-process-model was-config-apis

This installs the following components:

Windows Authentication                               [Web-Windows-Auth]
IIS 6 Management Compatibility                   [Web-Mgmt-Compat]
Message Queuing Server                              [MSMQ-Server]
Directory Service Integration                        [MSMQ-Directory]
Active Directory Domain Controller Tools      [RSAT-ADDC]
Process Model                                               [WAS-Process-Model]
Configuration APIs                                        [WAS-Config-APIs]
IIS Management Console                             [Web-Mgmt-Console]
HTTP Logging                                                [Web-Http-Logging]
Windows PowerShell                                    [PowerShell]

The last 3 in the list are not required, but I feel that they are highly recommended. IIS 7.0 Management Console is IMHO much easier to use than the IIS 6.0 version. The logging tools often come in handy when troubleshooting OCS IIS issues and PowerShell makes working with OCS WMI values a piece of cake. Look for a follow-up post on querying and modifying OCS WMI values with PowerShell in the next few days…

Credit goes to Tom Pacyk’s post, OCS 2007 R2 Front-End Server 2008 Requirements Made Easy, which was used as a reference for this post.

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Tommy Clarke December 14, 2009 at 9:47 am

When using this you have to add the iis feature “static content” for Live meeting to working

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